Writing Samples

Video Game Industry Overview

An analysis of the key economic indicators of the video game industry. The analysis includes an overview of industry revenue, trends, and business models.

Nintendo vs. Zynga

A case study of Nintendo and Zynga. The study includes an analysis and comparison of the companies' revenues, business plans, and current initiatives.

Video Game Industry Trends

An analysis of the shifting business models within the industry. The analysis assesses the potential future impact of virtual reality and platform convergence.

The Legacy of Adventure

An exploration of the lasting impact of Colossal Cave Adventure. This work details how the game defined and influenced subsequent video game conventions.

Assessment of Gamification

An evaluation of gamification's efficacy. The evaluation includes an overview of industry research, criticisms, and primary analysis of two app implementations.

Examining GTA V's Success

An examination of Grand Theft Auto V's commercial success. The analysis considers general and game-specific factors that led to the title's record sales.