I'm a product manager and aspiring front-end developer based in NYC. My work lies at the intersection of growth, conversion optimization and user experience. I use a hypothesis-driven and experimental approach to product development to deliver value and superior experiences to my product's users.

Outside of work, you can find me ogling watches, playing Fortnite, or working on projects like this site. Please get in touch if you want to talk product, watches, or anything else. I'm always interested in what you're working on!


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The Smart Wallet

The Smart Wallet is a personal finance content site that offers readers actionable tips on how to make and save money. As a product manager, I'm responsible for defining the design and user experience of the site.

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Jammming is a web application that connects to your Spotify account and lets you search for songs and save them to a new playlist. Made with React.

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Merlin Blog

The Merlin Blog is the official blog of merlinjobs.com. It aims to provide insights to job seekers and employers in the blue collar industries. I was responsible for the blog's initial design and early content.

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End of the Line

End of the Line is a multimedia exploration of Rockaway Beach. It documents the continued transportation and infrastructure challenges faced by local residents four and a half years after Hurricane Sandy through images, audio, and video.

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Creative Computing

A collection of creative computing projects that explore physical human-computer interaction and interactive graphics. These projects were made with Arduino and p5.js.

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Ravenous is a web application that queries the Yelp API to let you search for businesses around your specified location and lets you sort search results by three criteria. Made with React.

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